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There are three poster sessions from Tuesday (November 7) to Thursday (November 9) 2023 in the afternoon, please refer to the program :

Poster Session Time Main Classifications
Tuesday-November 7
(from 16:10 to 17:30)
Young Delegate Poster Session (including all the Classifications)
Wednesday-November 8
(from 16:10 to 17:30)
Photon Delivery and Process / Core Technology Developments / New Facility Design and Upgrade
Thursday-November 9
(from 14:50 to 16:10)
Simulation / Precision Mechanics / Accelerator

Poster sessions are at China Hall 3. The table above shows the Poster Session Time and classifications. The time slot is the time when the poster presenter must be attending the contribution. Each day is a different poster session. Therefore, posters' presenters must be available for only one correlative session.

The poster must be placed at the assigned location early morning before the starting of the morning coffee break.

Poster Session Managers will be available with the necessary material for display. The poster shall be removed after 17:30 of the corresponding session.

Authors are reminded that no contributions are accepted for publications only. Any poster accepted for presentation which is not presented at the conference will be excluded from the proceedings. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to refuse papers for publication if they have not been properly presented during the conference. Conference contributions are not accepted as publication and the corresponding contribution paper must be written and submitted before the conference start.

Poster preparation Guideline

The standard poster format is a DIN A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm) in portrait orientation (vertical).

The conference organizers will provide necessary materials for poster mounting and Local Committee's members will support delegates for mounting.

MEDSI logo must be placed in one of the four corners of the poster. You could download it here.

Alternatively, you can use the official MEDSI2023 banner in the poster. You could download it here.

Each poster has an assigned location on a poster panel placed in the exhibition hall identified by the program code. A label on the panel is indicating the poster code. A layout of the exhibition area is to be found in the conference booklet to be given at the beginning of the conference.

Best Poster Prize

Two Best Poster Prizes will be awarded at the close of the conference. Poster authors please pay attention to email notifications. Winners will be notified by email 1-2 days before the Award Ceremony at the Closing Ceremony on Nov. 10, and are required to attend.

The best young delegate poster. The award aims to encourage graduate students and young scientists to take part in the MEDSI conference and will be awarded to the best poster by the first author* younger than 30 years old (born after Nov.6, 1992). The winner will receive an award certificate and RMB3,000.

* The poster is supposed to be presented by the first author at conference. If not, the first author and the speaker should both be born after Nov.6, 1992.

The best poster. This prize will be awarded to the best poster of the conference. The winner will receive an award certificate and RMB3,000.

Poster committee is the joint committee of the International Organizing Committee and the Scientific Program Committee. The awards will be decided based on the communication point of view, presentation, etc.