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Please make sure that you finish your remarks within the time allocated for your presentation so that there is time for questions and discussion.  Please upload your presentation following the instructions below. Use of individual laptops for displaying slides in the oral sessions cannot be accommodated.

Talk Timing

  • - Keynote: 50 mins + 10 mins (questions)
  • - Contributed: 15 mins + 5 mins (questions)

Slide Size, Format, and Display

The projector's aspect ratio will be 16:9, but slides with a different aspect ratio such as 4:3 can be accommodated.  Slides will be displayed via hardware running Microsoft Windows.  There will be no provision for authors to use their personal computers under any circumstances.

If you have special needs concerning display formats, display software, or visual aids, please contact us at MEDSI2023@ihep.ac.cn as soon as possible.

Uploading your Presentation before the Conference

Please upload your electronic presentation via MEDSI2023 SPMS account as early as possible, but at the latest by 3:00 p.m. on the day before your presentation.  Name the file with the paper code and «_talk» (for example, TUOAM01_talk.pptx, TUOAM01_talk.pdf) and then upload in the same way as for your paper.  You can find the paper code assigned to your presentation when you log in to SPMS.  Accepted formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

At the Conference

Speakers who have not uploaded their files in advance, please upload them as described above or deliver them to the conference organizers at least one day in advance (Please note that we do not accept USB disc copies, you may try to download the file from your mailbox, etc.). At that time, please visit the presentation Quality Assurance desk (Speaker Ready room) to ensure that your presentation has been properly loaded and can be displayed correctly.

Slides that have been successfully uploaded will be made available on the conference website and published in the conference proceedings. If you have any special needs, please visit the Speaker Ready room.

During Your Presentation

The organizers will ensure that your slides are ready prior to your scheduled time slot.  A pointer, slide controller, microphone, and timer will be provided.

The session chair assistant will help speakers with their presentations and any minor issues. Please contact MEDSI2023@ihep.ac.cn if you need any further information or assistance.